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We specialize in creating marketing videos that drive a company's entire marketing plan forward. Focusing on customer testimonials, branding videos, and promotional videos, we've helped hundreds of companies bring their idea for a video to life – and to market.

Right Hand Films Video Production

Videos that are cinematically captivating while communicatively clear are some of the most effective elements of modern marketing. I use innovative marketing and sales strategies to subtly incorporate effective techniques into the videos we create, driving massive results.

Our Process.

We dive ourselves into each project completely, always starting with one question: What do we want the viewer to feel after watching this video? Everything has to come down to that. From there, we can think about the call to action, the pitch, and the next step they will take after the video finishes.

Only then can we think about the fun stuff: Cinematic footage, drone shots, slow-motion, animation – the works. It all comes together under the backbone of human engagement: How do you feel?

 Video Production Services

We're geared up.

 Video Production Gear

Call us gearheads, we dig it. An artist is maimed without his tools. We only use the best, and we keep 'em sharp.

The sharpest lenses, the smartest cameras, the fastest drones, the brightest lights – the list goes on. There are few expenses spared for the stack of tools we've accumulated over the years. But this comes at no expense to you: We always bring out the big guns.

Have team,
will travel.

Nearly 90% of our work is national and global. We don't just keep everything packed in flight cases to look cool.


We keep a travel-based mindset and have a few tricks up our sleeve to keep expenses low. Always ready for a new adventure, whether it's a remote island in the Philippines (that was a tough one) or the heart of New York City, we're ready for anything.

Right Hand Films Video Production Tampa
Ben Bradley Headshot Right Hand Films

We're people people.

We don't do much advertising. For us, it's about relationships. We've built relationships with a multitude of marketing directors, C-level executives, and small business owners through the years; And those connections are what drives us forward.

We'd love to make one more. Let's chat about your next project and get started on creating a video that we'll both be proud of.

– Ben Bradley

Director, Right Hand Films

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